Blessed to LIve Here in Sequim

I was driving to my office yesterday and had to stop and pinch myself. I couldn’t believe the beauty that nature plays in my life now.

While I lived in California all my life prior to moving to Sequim, I did see some beautiful things, however not every day.

You actually had to go out of your way to see the kind of things I see every day here in Sequim.

Yesterday I was coming down the hill and could see all the way across the bay to the mountains of Canada. The sky was so blue and as I came around the corner I could see the snow on the mountain range behind me.

I never thought I was one of those tree hugging type but here everything is a wonder. The cows are caving and I can hear the mother sheep calling their new little lambs next door. Actually next door is 10 acres away.

I saw one of the darn eagles yesterday who live in an evergreen tree 10 acres away. They come over to see if my little dogs or cats are available for a snack. I keep a close watch on my little pets, always out with them this time of year. The eagles are back from eating salmon and are now looking for ducklings or goslings, I know, ugh!

I’m so blessed to live in this part of the world! Even if I have to do an eagle watch.