Busy Weekend

Ok, I promise, no more complaining, right after this just one more weather note. It’s hot, hot in Sequim. I think we have beaten all records these last two weeks. But alias, cooler weather is forecasted for this weekend. Back to our normal, beautiful 70s and maybe low 80s. This morning I noticed the sky was overcast due to smoke. I rushed to the TV news to see if there was a forest fire nearby. Thankfully for us, the fires are it Canada and the smoke is coming south. Whew, needless to say I was relieved. We are so dry due to this hot weather, even the normal 4th of July fireworks were tempered this year. It was a relief this year to know that neighbors and others were also concerned about the fire danger.
The 4th of July is usually crazy around here. Most of us locals just hole up until it’s over. Thousands of folks come this way to enjoy the camping and beauty of the Olympics.
Saturday morning I wrote an offer on a lovely home here in beautiful Sequim overlooking the Strait and then 30 minutes later I put my rescue dog hat on and helped some folks retrain a WAG dog who’s owner was in the hospital. The neighbors were taking care of the dog but it wouldn’t walk on a lead without pulling their arm out of joint. We brought over a special halter and in 15 minutes she was walking just fine. It’s the same halter we use at the prison for our dog training.
Busy weekend