Forms and the Future

July didn’t cool off much, and that goes for real estate sales too! The 55 residential sales is down a little from the huge spike of 68 sales for May. Still a super busy month and still going strong.
Land sale surged back with 20 sales in July. I hope to have 3 new land listing on the market soon. Sure would like to get into the frenzy with these nice 5 ac parcels.
I sold a couple more residential properties last month and I got me to thinking about forms, yup forms. There is a form now days for everything. Want to write about who gets what, got get the right form. Need to explain Agency to a client? That’s three forms and a pamphlet.
I know the attorneys are trying to make sure that everyone is protected but Holly Cow, what would the new young agents do today if they had to take out a blank piece of paper and write out what needed to be repaired, explained or conveyed? Ah…And time marches on!
Don’t get me wrong, I do all the techie stuff, the website, iPhone, iPad, I even fax through my email. It’s just sometimes I need to say what I want to say in an offer. That’s when I get out the blank addendum (yes, another form) and have my say. Sometimes it’s explaining why my clients need a long escrow or would the seller let my buyers have the old planter out Back that they fell in love with. Sometimes it’s just to soften I low offer by explaining that my clients just can’t qualify for more but dearly love the home. In one offer many years ago my offer was one of three that was being presented to the seller. I wrote in the offer that my buyers just loved her rose garden and would take special care of it. Even though my offer was not the highest dollar offer, the seller took it. She explained that her roses were very important to her and it thrilled her that someone else would take loving care of them. You never know.
I hope your summer has been great. Mine has been busy so in that respect it has been great, but my plants this summer have suffered. The normal show of color in the annuals is just not there…I think it’s the extreme heat. They just kinda cooked! My trees and perennials are not happy, early leaf drop and crispy leaves aren’t pretty.
One thing that always makes me happy, I get to do it all again next year, and next year will always be better.