Gardening until You Drop

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAGardening in Sequim is fantastic. The summertime is the best. The weather is in the 70s and the sun doesn’t set until 9.00pm. Of course by that time I’m so sore I can hardly move.  I strongly suggest that you take the Master Gardeners course if you are new to Washington State. You will learn about the climate, the weather, native plants, all the different evergreens, the rain shadow, soil makeup and the best is that you get to meet lots of new folks who love gardening as much as you do.


MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI still have all my chapters from class back in 2001.  It seems every year before I prune back the blackberries I double check to see….was it “prune the ones to the ground that had the old berries” ? or the other way around?  I did it wrong one year and..sure enough,.no berries. I had to go pick some wild ones out at the local berry farm.

My favorite thing to do is start all my annuals in the greenhouse in April. Yes, I have to heat it a bit but it’s worth it. One year I planted 600 Mexican grasses for the Master Gardeners spring sale. That’s always fun and you can get a wheelbarrow full of bargains!



I grow some vegetables but have learned that after I eat 6 lbs of beets I really don’t want any more. We do have a Food Bank so I now take them there…guilt free. I hate to throw away food!  I also plant flowers mingled in the just makes it prettier.





I love sunflowers so I always plant them somewhere. They just remind me of summer. I leave them for the birds over winter and by spring all the seeds are gone and then they go into the compost pile.





I always wanted an English garden. Lots of tall flowers and pretty plants. It’s harder to keep the weeds out but the view from the deck is wonderful.




One thing I have learned. 15 years ago I was more limber and had more energy ( I hate to admit that) so now with my huge garden I think I may have over done it!

It still brings me an enormous amount of pleasure but I do have to admit that now I do hire out the heavy work.


Come to Sequim and the enjoy playing in the dirt!