Looking Back

This was a Busy year.

2015 was the best year for real estate sales in probably a decade. Hopefully next year will also be a banner year.Sequim hasn’t changed much this year in the retail development area. No new box stores, a few new small restaurants though and lots of talk of a other stores looking at Sequim.

The housing industry has obviously pickled up where un -completed subdivisions that were bought up for a song are now showing life again. We haven’t had speck homes in Sequim for years.

This year our drought was a bit scary but other than some personal wells going dry, not much real damage. With all the snow and rain we have had in the last few months, hopefully next year will be back to normal.

Next spring I should be well on my way to building a smaller home next door to my current home. Unfortunately it is in the DOE mandated ” No Outside Water” area. This presents a problem, or should I say a challenge, to use water from my roof to irrigate plants and trees.

I plan on an underground tank to reserve the water and then pump it out to supply the irrigation. I will let you know how that goes.

I hope this next year finds you happy and healthy. One of my favorite sayings is:


I like that. It reminds me not to waste these precious days we have been given.