On the Market

It’s been a while and I’m sorry for that. Much has happened in the past few months. Real estate has been very busy and I have been slammed. I have also decided to put my wonderful property up for sale. I just can’t keep all this going and work the hours I have been working.

I will be building a smaller home with ½ the property next door so I won’t be leaving my wonderful valley and its views.

If you are interested in moving to Sequim or already live here and are looking for a fantastic home in the country please see my listing at 72 Bonneville Ln, Sequim WA. I will see if I can figure out how to add the property tour to this Blog and Website.

Being a Seller gives me more sympathy for the role. Trying to keep everything looking like nobody really lives here is daunting. I just look around and the dust bunnies are out again and where did that dust some from? Who brought the outside inside? Can I really cook up a storm not worrying if someone will show up out of the blue and see what a mess my kitchen really is? Not liking this. Please someone, buy my home so I can go back to being me, not a slob but definitely not Martha Stewart.

This year has been warm for us here in Sequim. That combined with very little rain like most of the west coast meant we were struggling to keep our vegetation healthy. I wasn’t worried about lawns (they will come back) but even the tree were turning their leaves up and unhappy. We are finally getting some rain but unlike Seattle we usually don’t get much here so a little rain dance is in order.

I promise to keep myself blogging. Maybe not every day but at least weekly.

Check out my Home:http://www.tourfactory.com/1422566

Bye for now