Real Estate Sales are Good in Sequim

September is still going strong, actually both residential and land are up from August. Wow, I knew we were busy but was surprised that we had done that many. Land sales have already surpassed the total sales made in 2014. Residential sales are about 1 month ahead (30 sales).

Sales are recorded once they have closed escrow. We don’t count sale pending’s or properties under contract because due to some problem, they may not close. That is also why agents can’t tell you what properties sold for until it closes escrow, it’s not fair to the seller. What if a buyer found out what price the seller had agreed to and then it falls out of escrow. The seller is now disadvantaged by the buyer knowing what he or she had agreed to in the prior offer and would not be able to fairly negotiate.

I think next month will be lower, maybe by quite a bit. This month we were closing lots of escrows but I didn’t feel the hectic showing and writing of offers towards in the last half of the month. I could be wrong but it just didn’t feel that busy.

I just looked at the Market Trends report do for you. Last years’ September does go down, so my suspicions are warranted. Look at last year and this year. Other than our big spike in June of this year, it’s pretty close to 2014.

Fall is here and yes the market will calm down, but if you are planning to sell, now is really a good time. The inventory is low now so you won’t have to compete with so many houses on the market. I know you have heard this before from me, fall and winter are great months to be on the market, especially if the inventory is low.

Enjoy our beautiful Sequim weather.