Why Retire to Sequim ?


Over fifteen years ago my husband and I were looking for the ideal place to retire. We knew we wanted to have some elbow room, maybe an acre or two.  As a “not enough time to do it right” gardener,  I wanted to plant flowers and trees and vegetables, plus the town had to have at least one decent golf course for my husband.

We checked out many of the small towns west and east of the Sierras. Each of us had lived in both Northern and Southern California, so we pretty much knew what was available in California.  We kept our eyes open for 4 years, now and again picking up a “Best Places to Retire Magazine”, we spotted an article on Sequim WA (sounds like swim with a ska).

Wow, it had it all, country atmosphere, a gardeners dream weather and 3, count them, 3 golf courses!

We couldn’t wait to come see. We came to meet Sequim 4 times the first year. We wanted to see it in every season..how hot was it?, how cold was it?, did the trees really change color in the fall like back east? We had a target date of 2000 but after visiting for over a year we got so excited we moved up the date by 2 years!

I must tell you that a lot has changed for me in 15 years , but that’s another story. Also, I am currently and have been a real estate broker for over 25 years so some of this information may sound like sales pitch. Let me assure you, it is….

In the following pages, photos and blogs I would like to take you on a tour of my little piece of heaven. Please enjoy and respond if you like..just close the door behind you.