Sequim Particulars

Listed below are some interesting links for Sequim:

The Census Data  gives you all the particulars about Sequim. This company does almost every city in the USA  and it’s very informative. Sequim’s Chamber of Commerce is another good resourse of information. The City of Sequim website is a valuable site for all things city, including water and sewer information.

By the last count there are 44 churches Churches in Sequim.  The Olympic Medical Center , our local hospital is in Port Angeles, 20 miles west of Sequim.

You probably have heard about our fantastic weather. It’s all due to the Olympic Rain Shadow.  Great website with lots of information.

School Information is a website that gives you the breakdown on the school system here on the peninsula.

The Sequim Aquatic Recreation Center is a community gym. It has a large inside heated pool and lots of activities. It’s a great place to go to keep in shape, especially during the winter.

The Sequim Gazette  is a great local, weekly paper. Local news only, which is refreshing during these times!

Our Senior Center  is very active and is always looking for volunteers.

If you are thinking of living in the country than this website Clallam County Website is very informative.  Type in wells up in the right corner and lots of information about private wells will appear. Utilities outside Sequim City Limits is also a good site for folks outside of the city limits.