Sequim never Disappoints

Sequim never disappoints. We had simi- dreary weather until now. It’s beautiful with the temperature in the 70s to low 80s ( higher than that and folks get grumpy). We have had a gentle breeze most days. What we haven’t had is rain. Now that could be a good thing for some folks but with a couple hundred plants to water, it becomes a bad thing. Watering last month and the well pump quit (bad thing). I new pump later and back to irrigating. I’m always seeing new plants that I would like to add to the garden, then I remember having to water it, ugh.

     Real Estate had been very busy until July then frantic turned to realistic.
Prices are finally leveling out. To see more about the local prices and statistics in Sequim, check out the MLS and More menu tab.  If you are planning on buying a parcel of land here make sure you know about the water DOE Water Rule.
Hopefully we can get it repealed in Oct but call me if you have any questions. There is a good article in my current Newsletter about the Water Rule. That is also in the MLS and More menu.
   It’s a great time of year, the Eagles will be heading to the salmon areas and my little criters can take a deep breath. I’m always out with my tiny dogs but the cats roam free. Most stick close to the house. Their older and wiser.
   Saw a fawn with spots the other day, kinda late, most are now bigger and learning things like eating my roses from their Mama.
Until next time,