What’s the Weather Really Like?

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Yup, that’s us, right in the middle of the whole in the storm.  Thanks to The Weather Channel we can see the storms moving through (and around us) all the time. They call Sequim the Blue Whole.  The rumor is that pilots  from Boeing use our area as a test area for their new airplanes they build in Seattle.   The green is rain from a good-sized storm.  The storms come from the west but the olympic mountains keep most of the rain from falling in Sequim, it’s called a rain shadow. If you would like to learn more about why this occurs check out The Rain Shadow. Our usual rainfall is 14-15 inches per year. As you go west or east from sequim the rainfall increases dramatically.

Here are some graphs supplied by city-Data.com that show our rain and temperatures in detail.

Sequim Rainfall

Sequim Rainfall



 We do get 4 seasons here in Sequim and all are quite mellow. Our spring is usually rainy and cool, that usually lasts until the end of June or beginning of July. Summer is usually in the 70s with an occasional hot streak (a few days) into the 80s. If it does get to 80 degrees it’s the talk at Safeway!lhaq27466


Fall is usually beautiful with temps in the 60s and beautiful color changes all around. The last few years it lasted into November. Winter is cold (can get as low as 20s in the night, that’s cold to us) with normal daytime temps in the 30s and 40s ( that’s above zero !! for you poor folks from the east). Golf courses are usually open all year. We do get snow (a few inches) once in a while in the valley with more (a foot or two) up in the foothills.

For more detailed weather data and census data click here  City-Data