Sequims Hot Home Market

The Lavender Festival was a great success. We had great weather here is Sequim and the people came!
People are coming to Sequim for more than lavender. I have heard from lots of folks lately from other states saying that they have heard about Sequim (they call it Seekum), but hey, we answer to anything!
Unfortunately for many, the prices are getting out of their range. Because we are starting to get like Seattle with a very low inventory of homes to sell, the prices are going up.
California is in the same boat. I think that it has been so many years of sluggish sales that this year any and everybody that has been thinking about moving has decided to do it now. Oh, I’m not complaining but it’s getting difficult to set up homes to show. Yesterday I had 3 homes to show and checked again before we left the office and one sold the night before. Same thing happened the day before that.
We did find a home and made the offer right then. Not much time to go home and think about it over the weekend like the old days.
It sounds like a hustler when I tell folks that if they like the home they need to make the offer NOW! but it’s definitely the truth. We don’t have the 3 and 4 offers the day it comes on the market (like Seattle), well not yet!