Suns out and Sequin is Buzzing

We are experiencing a mild winter this year. Today it’s 46 degrees and the sun is out.

Yahoo! We have had some cold weeks but no snow to speak of.

I say that and then pow, here it comes.

Real estate is warming up too. We sold so much last year ( best year in a decade) and now we have very little to show. I guess it’s and blessing and a curse!

Our prices are still good for the out of town buyer. It seems everybody is higher than we are. Seattle’s prices are now getting out-of-site and they are also experiencing a very low inventory, which just makes the prices higher.

If you are thinking about moving to Sequim, it’s still a beautiful place to live. Our rain shadow is still working (see the picture of the Weather Channel). It keeps us dryer than most of the western Washington cities.  That was the other day. See all the rain around us? We usually get some but nothing like the surrounding towns. That’s what they call the ” Blue Hole”.

picture rain shadow