Welcome to Sequim



 judy-higher-res-37Hello, My name is Judy Stirton and I’m a Real Estate Broker, retired Master Gardener, dog rescuer, and Sequim’s best cheerleader.   I wrote this site to share my experiences here in Sequim. After moving from California 17 years ago to Sequim, I have enjoyed so many things here and will attempt to share them with you through pictures and information. Most of the pictures I have taken myself (not sure that’s good or bad) but it’s what I see and love.

     The picture above was taken from my deck here in Sequim.  It’s not unusual to see the elk herd while driving around town. We locals are used to folks parked by the side of the road with their cameras rolling.

     This website is about Sequim and why to retire here. I could write hundreds of columns about real estate and how and what to do when, but I have to assume if you are retiring here then you have bought and sold a house or two in the past and know pretty much what you are doing. If not, with my 30+ years of real estate experience I can surely help you. My company is BrokersGroup Real Estate Professionals and we are right on Main Street in Sequim.

Please enjoy the site and let me know what you think.