The Lavender Festival is Here

Yes, thousands of folks will be visiting little ole Sequim for the next 3 days. They will buy, smell, pick and eat lavender. It’s quite the party! Lavender farms throughout the valley will invite people to come and share in the flowers, food and music.
Hundreds of volunteers help to make the festival fun and entertaining. Sequim has a small community feel about it and volunteering is just one of those things I find so endearing.
Now the locals (I being one) have seen it and shopped it and now we hibernate until it’s over. The traffic and the stores are unbelievable! Don’t get me wrong, I love what it does for the local economy, I just get my Safeway trip done on Thursday and pretty much stay home and pull weeds (around my lavender).
Gosh, now that I’m talking about it, it has been a few years sense I have ventured out to check out the hundreds of Kiosks selling everything lavender and many other (one of a kind) art thingies.
I wonder if the Garlic people will be there..oh my, they have the best garlic products. I now order them from their website.
OK, maybe if I go at 9.00am , find a parking place 4 blocks away and run through the kiosks it won’t be that bad. If I do go, I will report back on my loot..maybe the garlic people will be there…I need more of the Zesty Garlic they have…yum!!